Lua visited me in Russia a few times. Once, during winter break, we spent most of the time in Moscow. She told everyone that she spent the whole time sitting on radiators trying to get warm. I told everyone one that her picture with the monkey was a family portrait. One picture she is on a cruise between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod sitting with her half-sister, which stopped at a number of historical sites along the way. One picture is at the home of Olya’s father, where she joins life in a Russian dacha. Another picture is at my dacha, again with her half-sister. Finally, another picture was at a Bahá’í summer school in Kazan.

Lua took Russian lessons in Indy, which I thought was wonderful. I had an idea at that time that Russian language might be my final language, not expecting to make a move to Ukraine and learn yet another language, Ukrainian. However, I was spared somewhat, because although I learned enough Ukrainian to get by, my main language at home and in life is still Russian.