The first National Spiritual Assembly of Haiti (1961), with Ellsworth Blackwell (5th from left) and Ruth Blackwell (second from right). I attended many meeting with these two in 1975, Ellsworth talking and Ruth translating. Ellsworth was earlier a member of the NSA of the US. Not too long after my arrival in Haiti, the Blackwells went to Madagascar.

Elwood and wife, Knights of Baha’u’llah

Pioneer Family

Gwili Posey

Nabil and Dora Jean Hanna

Linda Gershuny

Joe Coblentz

Bahá’í Activities

Regional Teaching Committee, LSA Les Cayes, Activities in Port-au-Prince and Petionville Communities

Hosting travel teachers, both Haitian and international

Mrs. Meherangiz Munsilf, an Indian believer resident in England, visited us. She arose to open French Cameroon to the Faith, arriving at her goal on April 16, 1954. She was a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh.

Lea Nys, Belgian travel teacher

SED Activities

arrival, learning Creole, Leroy and Dorothy Rasmussen (Leroy Rasmussen is retired and living in Centennial, Wyoming)

visit, linkage to CIMMYT, green revolution (genetic improvement, leading to seed industry later)

Living in Les Cayes. Playing solitaire.

Ferme de Levy, “Mon pere”, crossing rivers

research and programmable calculator

George Conde (later in Niger)

Enoch Olinga and move to Africa