My grandmother is Grace Ellen Deweese, born 25 July 1897, in Seneca, Missouri. The first girl to be born to Henry and Margaret Ellen Deweese after 5 boys. She grew up as something of a tomboy. After seeing a circus in Seneca when she was 12, she went home and tried riding standing up horseback and fell off the horse and broke her collarbone. When the family lived in Northern California, she attended a private girl’s school in Oregon. On 25 July 1914 she married Leo L. Reusche who worked in a bank in Weed, CA. Their children are

  • John L. Reusche, born 7 May 1915 in Weed
  • Robert L Reusche, born 14 July 1917 in Barnsdall, OK.
  • John married: Vergie Moore in 1936, divorced in 1943. No children.
  • John married: Loretta Abele in 1943, children Daun Lee born 4 May 1944 and Ferrol Donica, born 26 March 1947. Ferrol Denica Condos had one child, Cantina Lynn Condos, born 12 Jan 1966. Divorced in 1951.
  • John married Clara Mae Bennett in 1952
  • Robert married Shirley Rylander, born 8 Aug 1918, in August 1940. In 1965 they were divorced. Four children.
  • In 1968 Robert married Hanny Vasser.

In May 1933 Grace divorced Leo, and later the same year she married Edward J. King. They had one child, Eleanor Mae King, born 8 Nov 1934.

My great grandfather was William Henry Deweese, born 1 April 1855 in Mo., died 14 Feb 1925.

My great great grandfather was David Robert Deweese, named for his grandfather, born 9 January 1833 in Indiana, grew up in Newton County Missouri. In 1851 he married a 16 year old French girl, Margaret Sophia DeBolt, whose family had emigrated from Ohio. They were married 21 Dec 1851. They had 7 children, one of which was my great grandfather, William Henry.

My great great great grandfather was Jubilee Deweese, born 29 Oct 1788. He married Ellander French on 24 Sept 1816 in Orange County Indiana. They had 4 children, one of which was David R., my great great grandfather.

My great great great great grandfather was David Deweese, born 1763 in Virginia. He married Jane Harris of Botetourt Co, VA. in 1787. He had 10 children, one of which was Jubilee.

Finally, my great great great great great grandfather was William Deweese. He was probably born in Virginia around 1740. He was married to Evan Harris.